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Alloy empowers you to distribute your software products to customers with a single executable
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2 January 2012

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Developing a particular program may require a lot of time and expertise with a motive to provide the target customer with the best application platform at the price charged. No matter how advanced your application is; if it has a complex wizard based installation which is not easily understandable by the user or there are some dependencies in the installation which remain unresolved and become hurdle in the smooth installation of the program, you are bound to lose on the market value of your application. To resolve these installation based complexities, you can use Alloy v., which uses a simple and well thought out method for simpler installation.

Alloy is a shareware program by PGWARE LLC which packs all the files required for installation in a single installer package. The program does the whole functioning from a single GUI (Graphical User Interface) based dialog box in which you have to simply add the required files for installation and compile all the files in a single standalone executable package on the single click of a button. You will see three tabs for main executable file in which you specify the main program installer file, other supporting files on which the program installation is based and third tab for compilation of all these files. The program even comes with a powerful dependency scanner which would let you know about all the additionally required files on which the installation is dependent. Apart from all this, this program has intelligent features for automatically checking the version and date-time before the extraction of embedded file; and automatically registers the ActiveX objects.

To conclude, Alloy v. provides a simple solution to a very common problem which users often face while installing some programs by dealing with the complex error prone installation wizards due to external dependencies. Hence, it receives a rating of four out of five.

Publisher's description

Alloy empowers you to distribute your software products to customers with a single executable. This distribution method allows you to easily get your software working on end-user computers in seconds without complicated wizard based installation methods. Traditional installers typically require large installation runtimes and are often prone to errors. In certain situations you may need to distribute your software to customers without using a traditional installer but do not want to use complicated methods that may confuse your customers. Alloy solves this problem of software deployment by embedding all dependent files into a single executable file. No installation of your software is required by end-users and all files are automatically extracted before your software runs within seconds. Alloy comes with a dependency scanner which quickly allows you to determine which files need to be embedded into your executable and are then compressed and included inside of your main program. Within seconds of your end-users clicking on your main executable all files are extracted and the main executable is run. This quick and invisible deployment allows you to get your software working on computers instantly without using a traditional installer. With computer users expecting software to work instantly and without complication, using Alloy to deploy your software is a no-brainer. Alloy also allows you to register active-x objects and libraries that are required before your executable can be executed. Alloy also does a version and date-time check before extracting embedded files, if a newer version is available then the file is not extracted; which gives your application access to the latest libraries and files without over-writing important files. All of these features are invisible to end-users and are executed instantly within seconds of your customers double clicking on your application.
Version 4.8.7
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this program worth shit!!! it scrambels all the code
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